About us

Founded in 2016, Ashrapro is a family owned business wherein Hetal brings her technical expertise and Nirav brings in his Business Acumen. Ashrapro’s goal is to help meet clients’ needs in the field of Civil Designing Consulting, Hospitality Design, General Contracting, Re-modeling, Industrial Sheds, Construction, Custom Homes, Project Management. At Ashrapro we take turn key operations to help clients get best ROI (Return on Investments). In a busy and competitive world managing your small projects can be more stressful than you think and you need to hire a certified expert to work for your project. Both Hetal and Nirav believe in integrity and hard work which has brought them tremendous success in their lives.

Our Team

Hetal Parmar (P.Eng)


Hetal is the main pillar of Ashrapro, having 12+ years of experience in Structural Engineering and double Masters in Civil Engineering. Her passion for Engineering and Construction brought her to Canada leaving behind a successful career in India. She is more of a Designer who can make an idea or a dream fruition to reality. She brings a lot of passion and creativity into her projects which are well recognized by our clients. She loves travelling to different parts of the world to learn about different architectural styles, engineering and cultures, which she then uses in her designs. Ashrapro is determined to work for their clients’ success.

Nirav Ashra

Managing Director

Nirav has been a Business Leader and a Sales Professional specializing in helping others succeed. Nirav brings with him 16 years of experience in different cross functional roles, including FMCG Sales, Automotive, Trading, Media Publishing, IT, Real Estate, Insurance, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Business Consulting. With his vast experience and knowledge Nirav makes sure to use his skills for successful operations of Ashrapro. He can be termed as a people’s person and an efficient Project Manager. His avid sales acumen helps him crack the best deals for any project. He would bring in the right material for the project within the specified budget. He is very passionate about what he does and his willingness to take up challenging opportunities make him a successful entrepreneur. Luxury and comfort is what he believes in and makes sure that he matches it with the taste of the clients.

Both Hetal and Nirav, with their different skills together, bring a lot of positive energy to each project they work on and make sure that each project is a unique design and structure.